Jan. 6th, 2011

I am, as has been noted previously, not entirely satisfied with my HTC Desire.

Some of it is hardware. The device is over-sensitive, to the point where it frequently registers a screen tap when the sides of the unit are being handled (e.g., putting it down, pressing the power button).

And some of it is software. I can get past the amateur-hour looks, but the extreme unreliability of the Exchange mail support is unforgivable. I've tried several versions of the vendor-shipped software, and Cyanogenmod, and it routinely loses the ability to sync mail. As in once every few days. I had no such problem with my iPhone 3G, and continue to see no such problem on my iPad.

I'm not entirely satisfied with iOS either, though. This, after all, is why I replaced my old iPhone 3G with the Desire in the first place.

So I'm looking speculatively at the Windows Phone handsets that are out there. The OS is getting pretty good reviews, and the "glance-able" interface is pretty much exactly what the lack of drives me nuts with iOS. It's immature feature-wise, but then the lack of multitasking wasn't a huge deal for me with iOS either, and I almost didn't notice the absence of cut-and-paste.

On the hardware side I'm liking the look of both the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Dell Venue Pro, but neither comes in a UMTS 850 version (yet). The Samsung Focus does do 850, but it's nasty plastic crap and only available as an import -- Mobicity are selling it for the same price as the Omnia 7, and they're very similar phones (both are basically Galaxy S variants), but the plastic and the support issues put me off.

Inclined to wait and see what happens when Optus' exclusive on the Omnia 7 expires. Presumably Samsung would like to sell to Telstra.

The big thing the iPhone has going for it is network support. Quad-band UMTS is pretty rare.


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