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Ordered the Harmony PS3 adapter from Amazon last week, it arrived today.

Of course I'd assumed (without checking) that this was a USB device. Nope, it's Bluetooth and runs on mains power, so it's got a US power pack on it. Fortunately I just happen to have an appropriate converter lying around spare.

So that's hooked up and working now.

In the past I'd not bothered with the Activities stuff on the Harmony because my old telly was weirdly incompatible with it. The new telly is of course not incompatible. So I set some of that up today, too.

It works as advertised. My amp turns out not to be compatible for input-changing, but I already had audio going through a manual switchbox (short version: everything here used to be done with component+stereo, stereo leads are still hooked up as my amp is an older stereo-only model). So when changing activities I have to hit the relevant button on the box, but it otherwise works.

Really my only quibble is that if you go behind the back of the Activities menu to change the state of a device using the Device stuff, it doesn't keep track of that. So, for example, if I've been using my aTV to play music -- so it turned the TV on for that, and then I turned the TV off once I'd selected what I want to listen to -- switching to the "Watch TV" activity won't turn the TV back on. But hitting "Help" will correct the situation, so it's still quite reasonable.

The one slight hitch I have is that my Harmony One is fairly old and the battery is just about dead. The replacement I bought doesn't quite work -- it powers the unit, but can't be recharged. Rather than waste yet more money on batteries which may not work I've found a cheap-ish source for the Harmony 700 and I'll either use the battery that came with that, if it works, or switch to the 700.
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