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My employer will be providing me with a HTC 7 Mozart as a work phone, so once that arrives I'll finally be able to do a proper hands-on evaluation of WP7.

In advance of that, and because Microsoft had the good sense to finally do a web interface for the WP7 Marketplace, I've been going through looking for suitable alternatives to the apps I use on Android.

So far it's looking pretty good. The only missing one is Audible. There are first-party apps for Kindle and Foxtel. There's a direct WP7 port of TuneIn Radio. There are third-party apps for TramTracker, Telstra mobile usage, Dropbox, and XBMC Remote. The last three have a small price attached. There are several Australian weather apps, some free, some with a small price.

Direct subscription to podcasts is now part of the OS, so there's no real need for a third-party podcast app like Pocket Cast.

One neat thing I'm seeing on the web version of Marketplace is that there's none of this separate trial and paid versions of apps. It looks like many (most? all?) apps have a "Try for free" button, though I'm unsure just what that does. Presumably a time-limited full-feature trial, but until I get a phone I won't be sure.

The website for Marketplace is rather pleasantly designed and really easy to navigate.

Rather looking forward to getting the Mozart. If it works out as well as it looks like it will, I may well pick up a Focus S or Nokia Searay when those become available for personal use.


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