I keep reading it as "Kindle Kloud Reader". Gah.

Anyway. Read a couple of chapters this afternoon. It works pretty well, overall.

As noted elsewhere by many others, there's no page-turn animation. I know it's possible to do such a thing in a HTML5 application on the iPad, the booki.sh reader does a nice fast sliding animation -- it slides the new page in over the old.

This takes a little getting-used-to, it's surprising how much one's brain is wired to expect something more than an instant screen redraw with the new text appearing immediately.

The one criticism I will make of it as it stands is that the offline mode does not appear to work, or at least it doesn't for me. It tries to cache the application, there's a little message at the bottom of the Library screen indicating that it is trying to do so, which is eventually replaced with an error.

If that can be made to work reliably, then they'll be well on their way to having a quite usable alternative to the native application, should Apple try to play silly-buggers later.
Back in April I suggested that Amazon might want to go the web-app route for Kindle.

Well, guess what Amazon just did?

Apple backed down a bit from their previous position -- if your app provides access to purchased content then you must make that content available via Apple, with a 30% cut going to Apple, and no discounts for customers who bypass Apple and go direct -- and the rule now is that you simply can't have any sort of in-app store or links within your app to a web store.

But presumably Amazon not unreasonably figured they needed a backup plan, and there it is. It's not bad. It's missing some features, but for a first cut it's a pretty decent effort. And it means they can support niche platforms like the HP TouchPad or RIM PlayBook without having to produce a native app.

I'll try reading the next few chapters of my current book with it on my iPad and see how it goes.


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