After a full day of use more things are apparent.

In addition to the lack of font-size selection in the Email app, I really miss the "VIP" mode from the Sense Mail application. For those unfamiliar with it, this lets you nominate particular contacts as "VIPs" and then just see mail from those people when you're in "VIP" view. I found it very very useful, much of the email I get in my work inbox is... not unimportant but not anything I need to see when checking mail from my phone.

Guess I'll have to make use of filtering on the server instead.

The Calendar application is much better now I've found agenda view. The default day view is just too small for my lousy vision.

Tried K-9 Mail, doesn't seem to work with our OMA server.

Have "SMS Popup" installed. Can't quite get it to display on the lock screen, which is mildly annoying. Reviews imply that it can do this, but tweaking the privacy options doesn't help. Handcent does it, but I'm otherwise happy with the built-in Froyo SMS application, so...

Still miss FriendStream. The official Facebook app and widget have the fonts set a little too small, and there's no way to change them. May have to switch to just using the mobile Facebook website instead.

Kindle for Android is now working correctly. So far, anyway. Not sure what happened there, but I did reboot the phone at some point and after that it was fine.

The built-in clock application doesn't appear to include a timer. Found an acceptable substitute on the Market.

Happy with it so far, feels snappier than 2.1 with Sense. Is that 2.2, or is it the lack of Sense? Hard to say, at least until the 2.2-with-Sense build is available.


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