Jan. 26th, 2011

Got sick of the bootloop problem on Oxygen ROM, reflashed the phone with the stock HTC FroYo install. There is one problem I have been unable to correct, though: while I can pair my Plantronics 590 headset with the phone, and audio works fine in most cases, it simply will not push phone-call audio to the headset.

This works fine on the various CyanogenMod and Oxygen builds I've used, so it seems to be specific to the HTC ROM. Probably the HTC Phone.apk implementation, even.

So, does anyone use an alternate in-call screen app that they can recommend? As you can imagine it's not an easy thing to search for, because what one winds up with is an assortment of call screening applications. There may well be a specific term used in the Android world that'd be more helpful, but I have no idea what it is.

Ultimately if needs be I guess I'll switch back to CyanogenMod, but the HTC mail application is rather better than the stock one, and I do quite like some of HTC's widgets, so if I could solve this one problem I think I'd be happy just sticking with the official software.

Other than that, though, with the wireless sleep policy change plus Locale turning off 3G data when I'm at home, battery life has been really good. And there's a backport of the Android 2.3 keyboard for use on 2.2, which is great because the 2.3 keyboard is much better than the HTC Sense one.


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