Jul. 10th, 2011

My latest little "toy" is a RouterBoard 750. This is a tiny little device -- smaller than a CD case, though a little thicker -- with a little embedded MIPS system plus five 100Mbit Ethernet ports and (I think...) a switching ASIC tucked inside.

It comes running Microtik RouterOS, a heavily-customised Linux. It can basically do just about anything network-wise that you could do on a Linux machine, with a nice little custom shell for configuration and management.

Right now I have a fairly simple setup. The WAN port is connected to my old Billion ADSL unit, which is running in bridged mode. The RB is handling the PPPoE session with my ISP, and as my ISP does native IPv6 I've got the v6 stuff enabled on the RB. This gives me native dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 to all of my home network.

The RB is also running a PPTP session to my Panix v-colo, and it's routing the Pandora /24 down that VPN. So when any device on my home LAN wants to talk to Pandora, it looks like I'm in New York, not Melbourne, and thus...

It's also doing DHCP and DNS for the home network, and it looks like it can do all sorts of neat tricks with packet filtering and routing.

The next two tricks I want to work on are finding some way to make an entire device on my LAN do all its outside communication via that VPN -- so I could tell my AppleTV to pretend it's in New York, opening up lots of possibilities! -- and getting kind of complicated with IPsec/IPIP and BGP to join a local pooled-resources VPN over which all members provide access to their media and similar such.


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